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Eco heater Whole Room Heater
The biggest difference between the new ECO Heater and
other space heaters is power consumption. A typical space
heater consumes 1,500 watts per hour while the ECO Heater
consumes only 400 watts per hour.

According to reviews written by ECO Heater users, they are
achieving the same heating satisfaction from this 400 watt
heater as you would expect from a standard 1,500 watt
heater. If this is the case, then an ECO Heater would also
reduce the cost to run by 73%.
ECO Whole Room Heater
For example, a typical 1,500 watt space heater costs an average $0.16 per hour to run
compared to $0.04 per hour for the Eco Heater.

The manufacturer of ECO Heater suggests an installation point six inches above the
baseboard for maximum heat distribution, but this is definitely not child proof territory.
I would probably mount the heater at least 40" from the floor. By the time a child can
reach that height, they've already been thoroughly drilled on the meaning of "hot."  

One final note, never plug any type of heating appliance into a standard household
extension cord or one of those 3 sided outlet adapters. This is the proverbial accident
waiting to happen.  
Child Proof Space Heaters
When parents of small children shop
online for a conventional, small
electric space heater, one of the most
frequently used search phrases is
"child proof space heater."

Manufacturers have designed space
heaters to keep little fingers away
from the fan and heating elements,
but the fact remains that many space
heaters are hot to the touch.

When you or I touch something hot,
we immediately react by quickly
withdrawing our hand but a toddler
with developing reflexes will not react
as rapidly.
Although any UL approved space heater is inherently safe, the only child proof space
is the one that's out of reach; and the only way to keep it out of reach is to
mount it on the wall or ceiling.

Currently, there are two types of space heaters that can be wall mounted. The first is
a micathermic heater, the second is the
ECO Whole Room Heater designed specifically
for wall mounting. This is a radiant/convection heater but has no moving parts (fan).